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We help Diverging and Emerging Leaders to build a culture where everyone realises their full leadership potential by training them to step into their Inner and Sensing Leader, and Leading from Behind, Beside and in Front.

Leadership & Management Training

Having worked with businesses for many years supporting them on how to develop and grow their leadership talent, it struck us that there still is an assumption that leaders ‘have to be made’ rather than ‘leaders are everywhere’.

Our approach to leadership and management development is recognising the 5 positions of leadership that anyone at any level has access to – and how everyone in an organisation can realise their full leadership potential, along with a coaching approach to leadership.

Our leadership and management training helps each role to operate more strategically and operationally by building their confidence, focus and understanding of the legacy they are creating.

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The Being and Doing of Leadership - coming soon virtual trianing.
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Leadership Training

Being and Doing of Leadership


Being and Doing of Leadership
5 positions of leadership in 5 days over 5 months.

The starting place for any leader is to explore the Being of Leadership, who you are by clarifying personal aspirations, motivations and understanding your impact on others. The Doing of Leadership explores the ‘visible’ positions of leadership via experiential learning, transferable tools and reflective practices. Accessing both ‘invisible and visible knowledge’ of leadership is the foundation for becoming an agile and flexible leader.

This 5.5 day programme supports both Emerging and Diverging Leaders in your organisation to explore:
The Being of Leadership. These two days develops your awareness of your ‘invisible’ leadership strengths of who you fundamentally are, your Inner Leader, and what you intuitively know or sense in your working world, your Sensing Leader.

The Doing of Leadership. Your journey of becoming an Emerging or Diverging Leader looks at the ‘visible’ skills, attitudes and tools over 3.5 days of interactive, reflective and leadership development. You will learn to become a Leader from BehindLeader Beside and Leader in Front.   Your final half day will bringing it all together and celebrate your shared learning.

The workshops will be interactive, reflective and provide you learning into current personal, professional and leadership thinking.  Typical duration time is 6 months. Ask for a copy of our brochure,

Deepening the learning experience of the Emerging or Diverging Leader, we can offer additonal embedded learnig via our live or virtual Coaching Circles

Get in touch to find out more or call us on 07906 704 769 to book on our open programme in Edinburgh on  24th Feb, 23rd March, 20th April, 11th May, 8th June all 9.30am - 4.30pm  and 22nd June 9.30am - 12.30pm. Ask for our FREE Inner Leader workbook.

Leadership Support

Leadership Support
Coaching and facilitation

Coaching is at the heart of everything we offer people and businesses.  When you dig into the core of what coaching enables – it creates an environment where there is deep listening, connection with others, empathy, trust and a desire for things to be better.

We bring all these elements into our Leadership Support to develop or enhance leadership and management skills or to simply provide a safe space for leaders to think out-loud and plan for the future of themselves and the business.  We can support leaders, teams and organisations via our:

  • Facilitation
  • Workshops to develop effective teams
  • Mining and embedding core values
  • Strategic planning
  • Individual and team coaching

As well as recruitment support using EQ-I and other profiling tools such as MBTI and Unconscious Bias.

We also work with in-house teams to design and deliver bespoke training that can be delivered as one-off training or to develop training autonomy via train-the-trainer 

Management Development

Management Development
Coaching and skills based training

We can support you to develop your managers, whether they are new to post or looking to freshen their management capabilities by helping them to be more committed, focused and confident in their roles.  We can provide your managers a range of support from:

  • One to one coaching
  • Team coaching - looking at how to improve you and your teams effectiveness via Coaching Circles
  • Delegation skills
  • Team dynamics and creating a team charter
  • Mentoring skills

Depending on your needs, these can be run as lunch and learn 2-hour sessions to full days of training or coaching support.  Your managers may benefit from attending one of our open programmes on The Being and Doing of Leadership or Curious Conversations for Managers.  Ask us for more information by contacting Kate 


"Very thought provoking and enjoyable.  Gets the grey-matter working."
TS Inverness

(Embedding Values)

“Me and Joanne since doing the course feel we communicate better with each other when exploring the ideas, we have for the nursery. We also feel able to help build up the confidence of our other team member.  We found the most helpful section the leading from beside as we both now work in the same room as each other and it helped us to better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and realise we have the same goals and reach them using different styles.” 
Alison Harbinson (CFN)

(Emerging Leaders)

"This training course has made me take a step back and look at how I lead my team.  I learned something new in each of the training sessions, and this led to me having a far greater awareness of supporting and developing people within my team.  As a result I am able to trust those around me more and effectively delegate work tasks.  The training has also made me look at my core values and improve my own self, and this has impacted on both my work and my personal life."

Nicola Carrigan Depute Housing Services Manager

(Emerging Leaders)

“It’s a very informative yet interactive programme that gets you thinking about things you’ve never thought of.  The amount of knowledge gained and tools to take away are beneficial.”  Emily Downing, Contractor Support Manager

(Emerging Leaders)

"For me it is more about my awareness of switching / morphing from one leader to another.  How to consider what type of leader is needed in certain situations or type of leader people need." Kim Wilkinson, Buiness Development Director at Apex Hotels

(Diverging Leaders)

“Unlocking the leader that is within, take time to explore your own journey” Nicola McDonald, Family Food Service Operations Manager at MoveOn

(Diverging Leaders)

"Kate created a bespoke programme for our group, all about empowering staff to interact with others with confidence, looking at self awareness, communication, and self belief. The content was just what we needed, and was delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner making the attendees feel at ease, which allowed everyone to thrive and take on board the teaching. The group have really benefited from the material. Kate's knowledge in this area ensured the programme was a success."  Alyson Gray, HIT Scotland Scholarship Manager

(Empowering Future Leaders)

"I took part in Kate's 5 Day Challenge (Jan 2020) and personally I got a lot out of it. It truly brings to life the idea that everyone is a leader. There are natural positions of leadership which we all recognise but Kate made us think about different situations and how, if they are approached in a particular way, we can help bring out the best in ourself and the people we are 'leading'. Already, I can see how what we learned and what Kate instilled in us can be utilised in upcoming challenges and where being able to dip into the toolkit appropriately will be a huge benefit."  (Mark, Business Data Analyst)

(5 Day Challenge)