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Kapow Coaching offers intuitive, supportive and positive coaching for individuals and teams for discovery and action with our team of professional, qualified Co-Active Coaches.


Whether you call it business, executive, leadership or simply coaching - as a professional qualified CCPC and NLP coach I help to facilitate changes in behaviour, attitude and thinking for groups and individuals.  With my team of Co-Active professional coaches, we believe that positive transformation can come from reflective practices as well as pro-active action.  Our coaching takes place in-doors, out-doors and virtually.

Currently all our coaching is being done virtually - via Zoom, Teams, Skype as well as good old-fashioned telephone.

Ask us for a FREE sample coaching session today.

New to 2021..
I'm excited to announce that we will be offering a new individual and team 6 week mental health programme to support our coaching.  Includes weekly videos, supportive material and an amazing phone app to support daily mental fitness pracitce.  The next open session starts on 8th May - book by 1st May).

"My coaching session with Kate has helped me work out positive pathways to try and improve working relationships.  We met by Skype which was a very effective, being able to choose a good environment for the session minimised background factors that might otherwise have distracted me."  Edinburgh client.

(Skype coaching)

“Just wanted to thank you again for our talk this week. It has really helped put things back into perspective during quite a hectic personal and professional time.”  ZD, Edinburgh

(Saying thanks)

“Kate’s coaching has been transformational on both a personal and professional level. Working with her has helped me to develop my leadership and management skills, to understand myself better, and to keep things in perspective. I have benefited hugely from Kate’s experience - if you want to put some punch into your life, give Kate at Kapow a call” Laurie Piper

(Transformational coaching)

"For clients, supervision is recognized as an effective means of quality control. In fact, this recognition has become so widespread that "coaching supervision is regarded as essential practice in Europe" (Lawrence and Whyte, 2014), and it is fast becoming a recommended component of coaching standards around the world."  Kerryn Griffiths Global ReciproCoach Coordinator

(Coaching Supervision - Global ReciproCoaching)

"Utilising a wide range of methods from tried and tested models to her own formula combining patience, a firm guiding hand and solid future mapping, I can say sincerely that my sessions with Kate will have shaped the next steps of my career path in a very positive way." Clare Cockburn, The Style Theatre

(Future mapping)

"For myself the experience of having a coaching session in the outdoors was very positive. Being outside allows you the space to breath and talk freely on any subject. Personally being active also helps clear my mind and allows me to get to the root of issues or come up with better solutions. It felt very natural having a discussion outside and that made it much easier to take onboard any advice or pointers from you." Tom, Edinburgh

(Walking coaching)

"An interesting approach to working through issues - managable process in a fixed amount of time.  Does not take a huge amount of materials or technical input"
Edinburgh client

(Coaching Circles)

"Kate thank you, you are inspiring to work supported me with backbone and heart. I felt safe yet challenged, supported yet pushed, listened to and heard...truly heard, you were able to pick up on my little nuances....the things I glossed over but needed coached on, the real stuff that was holding me back from achieving my goals and generally creating confusion and unease for me....when our coaching came to an end I was sad but helped me more than you know....what is effortless for you is priceless for me, thanks again". Lisa, Glasgow


"Wonderful amazing soul searching... best activity I undertaken in some time. Kate is so intuitive and has such a quality when supporting her clients to problem solve and explore their own thoughts. Loved every minute of it!"  Kaye, Borders

(One off Coaching)

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Kate and got a lot from them. She was very calming, friendly, made you feel at ease and really listened to what you had to say whilst also managing to ask the right questions to enable you to open up and get to the heart of the matter then helped guide you to practical solutions and strategies, unlocking the answers you held within yourself. I would thoroughly recommend Kate."  Mags, Borders

(One off Coaching)

"I enjoyed my sessions with Kate, I feel she took time to really listen and engage with what I was saying, whilst coming up with practical strategies on how to challenge my thinking. A real positive use of my time and worthwhile in my professional and personal development."  Douglas, Borders

(One off Coaching)
Coaching Programmes

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Emerging and Diverging Leaders within an organisation will always benefit from the support of an external Leadership Coach by providing them with the space to reflect, stretch and be challenged and to discover how they show up as a leader and a positive role model. 

We offer coaching leadership programmes for Junior or Mid Managers who are:

  • at a decision-making crossroad
  • looking for re-motivation or re-focus on their goals
  • seeking to push themselves towards more aspirational goals and challenges
  • needing reflective time on how to manage difficult people or difficult situations
  • wanting to explore their management capabilities by going from ‘good to great’ manager
  • seeking to understand who their Inner Leader is

And we work with Senior Managers and Executives are looking for:

  • Personal time to reflect with an impartial sounding board
  • Space to explore their leadership impact
  • Greater understanding of personal values, drivers and barriers
  • Time to work on their legacy within the business
  • Succession planning
  • Strategies for managing stress and building up resilience

Contact us today to discuss which one our professional coaching team would be best for you and your team member or ask about our sample sessions.




Why not ask us abit our Virtual Curious Conversations programme helping managers have Curious, Challenging, Courageous and Championing conversations at work.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

As budgets for organisations are shrinking, there is becoming a move towards making coaching ‘team-centric’ to help teams become more agile, effective and engaged.  Team coaching helps to facilitate a process that enables a team of people to experience collective learning together through honest discussions, reflections and shared personal and group insights.

Pre-training for the group helps to upskill teams on listening and questioning skills as well as to collectively define their common learning.  This can be anything from half a day to 2 days, depending on the group's up-skilling needs.  Unlike Coaching Circles or Action Learning Sets, the function of Team Coaching is to focus on the group’s performance and insightful learning in order to develop their skill and behaviours for the betterment of the organisation. Learning vs achieving goals gets to the heart of the team and helps develop lasting behaviours, beliefs and attitudes.

For best impact, sessions typically last between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  Team Coaching is facilitated by two coaches, providing maximum group support for the group.  The sessions may include 4 D Modelling, team diagnostics as well as group coaching.  Sessions work well both virtually and as a group.

Get in touch with you us to find out more or call today on 07906 704 769.


One off Coaching

One off Coaching

Sometimes you need to give yourself the gift of time – time to deliberate about what you really want for yourself in this next decade or what choices you want to make right now.  Signing up for a One-off Coaching Session will give you the space to think, feel and connect with your inner aspirations and goals. 

Some people have used this two-hour session to:

  • consider a career change
  • plan for the next new decade of their life by exploring ‘what do I really want to do’?
  • create more effective and meaningful goals/ aspirations
  • manage work life balance
  • manage their imposter within and build on their confidence and resilience
  • reconnect with their inner power and who they really are
  • build on confidence
  • taking back the control in their lives
  • explore their impact on others using EQ-i and MBTI



Our One-Off Coaching session is something that anyone can sign up, regardless whether you are self-funding or being supported by your organisation.  Right now, our One-off Coaching is done via Zoom, Teams or Skype, bringing the coach directly into your home or office space and may include EQ-i or NBTI profiling.  Book your session today!