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Kapow Coaching offers intuitive, supportive and positive coaching for individuals and teams for discovery and action.


Whether you call it business, executive, leadership or simply coaching - as a qualified CCPC and NLP coach I help to facilitate changes in behaviour, attitude and thinking for groups and individuals.  Believing that positive transformation can come from alternative thinking as well as pro-active action.

I purposely only take on a limited number of clients a year, so to find out if I have space or to just 'try me out', ask for a FREE sample coaching session today.


"My coaching session with Kate has helped me work out positive pathways to try and improve working relationships.  We met by Skype which was a very effective, being able to choose a good environment for the session minimised background factors that might otherwise have distracted me."  Edinburgh client.

(Skype coaching)

“Just wanted to thank you again for our talk this week. It has really helped put things back into perspective during quite a hectic personal and professional time.”  ZD, Edinburgh

(Saying thanks)

“Kate’s coaching has been transformational on both a personal and professional level. Working with her has helped me to develop my leadership and management skills, to understand myself better, and to keep things in perspective. I have benefited hugely from Kate’s experience - if you want to put some punch into your life, give Kate at Kapow a call” Laurie Piper

(Transformational coaching)

"For clients, supervision is recognized as an effective means of quality control. In fact, this recognition has become so widespread that "coaching supervision is regarded as essential practice in Europe" (Lawrence and Whyte, 2014), and it is fast becoming a recommended component of coaching standards around the world."  Kerryn Griffiths Global ReciproCoach Coordinator

(Coaching Supervision - Global ReciproCoaching)

"Utilising a wide range of methods from tried and tested models to her own formula combining patience, a firm guiding hand and solid future mapping, I can say sincerely that my sessions with Kate will have shaped the next steps of my career path in a very positive way." Clare Cockburn, The Style Theatre

(Future mapping)

"For myself the experience of having a coaching session in the outdoors was very positive. Being outside allows you the space to breath and talk freely on any subject. Personally being active also helps clear my mind and allows me to get to the root of issues or come up with better solutions. It felt very natural having a discussion outside and that made it much easier to take onboard any advice or pointers from you." Tom, Edinburgh

(Walking coaching)

"Will give you a different and positive approach to making change happen." Attendee from Edinburgh College

(Coaching for Diversity)

"The session was great thanks and people were enthused about it. I do like to share things with them that are different and get them thinking and your session certainly achieved that."  ICIPS

(Coaching for Diversity)

"An interesting approach to working through issues - managable process in a fixed amount of time.  Does not take a huge amount of materials or technical input"
Edinburgh client

(Action Learning Sets)

"Kate thank you, you are inspiring to work supported me with backbone and heart. I felt safe yet challenged, supported yet pushed, listened to and heard...truly heard, you were able to pick up on my little nuances....the things I glossed over but needed coached on, the real stuff that was holding me back from achieving my goals and generally creating confusion and unease for me....when our coaching came to an end I was sad but helped me more than you know....what is effortless for you is priceless for me, thanks again". Lisa, Glasgow


According to the ICF, 86 percent of organizations saw a return on their coaching investment, and 96 percent of those who have been coached said they would repeat the process again.

Coaching Programmes
Programme 1

Leadership / Business Coaching

Leadership / Business Coaching

For senior level leaders and managers this traditional coaching programme aims to support you as you overcome professional challenges, wish to explore your personal impact and effectiveness or simply to inject fresh thinking and new perspectives on current issues or patterns of behaviour.  By signing up for 4 sessions of Leadership / Business Coaching you will be achieving specific goals and objectives regularly, which will invariably renew your confidence, motivation and drive.

You will increase your self-awareness and gain a deeper understanding of your emotional intelligence and personal impact on those around you.  You will be challenged to become a powerful and positive leader role model.

What is it?

You will complete an online emotional intelligence survey (EQ-i) which will form the basis of your introductory coaching session and subsequent meetings.  There will be a two-hour introduction session followed by 3 x two-hour face to face meetings, taking place approximately every 2 or 3 weeks supporting you on your aspirational goals and personal objectives.  Email support and accountability will be available in between sessions.

How does it work?

Kapow Coaching is often approached by a senior member of an organisation to coach individuals or themselves.  The coaching agreement is held between the coach and coachee and where the organisation has instructed the coaching relationship to take place, a three-way contract will be drawn.  All conversations are confidential.

Using a mixture of coaching, NLP, positive psychology, business tools and personal development the coachee will outline clear business goals and personal aspirations to be worked on over the coming months.  These will be reviewed, challenged and explored in full to encourage deep and lasting change in both behaviour and thinking.

Programme 2

Support Coaching (Telephone or Zoom)

Support Coaching (Telephone or Zoom)

For Emerging Leaders, managers and individuals seeking immediate solution focused coaching at the comfort of their own desk.  Support Coaching can provide an external solution for an internal challenge as it is suited for anyone at a decision cross road, looking for re-motivation or for someone seeking to push themselves towards a more aspirational goal.

By signing up for 4 sessions of virtual Support Coaching you will not only achieve your objectives of change but get a deep self-awareness and support for changing not only your behaviour but your current patterns of thinking.

What is it?

There will be a one and half hour introduction session, ideally face to face or through Zoom, followed by 3 x one-hour coaching sessions over the telephone or Zoom.  These will be approximately every 2 or 3 weeks.  Email support and accountability will be available in between sessions. 

How does it work?

A request for Support Coaching may come direct from the coachee or the client, to help resolve personal or business issues that are having a negative impact.  Developing an honest and trusting relationship to explore often emotional and challenging issues is the first stage in resolution.

Telephone support can often be more powerful coaching mechanism as individuals do not feel they are under the microscope and believe they are listened to at a deeper level.  In addition, it provides a timely support solution when most people are working against the clock.

Programme 3

Third Eye Coaching

Third Eye Coaching

Putting a coaching lens on your management and leadership skills using the 3 I’s of Intention, Impact and Intuition through work-place observation, perspective feedback and coaching.

Leading teams and individuals can often be an isolating experience where many people managers are rarely given specific or insightful feedback in the moment, on how they can enhance their communication skills, delegation techniques or interpersonal skills to have a more positive and lasting impact

What is it?

Third Eye Coaching concentrates on what you are communicating (intention), how it is received (impact) and the global insight of what could be improved within the working relationship of your team / department (intuition). This process enables you to focus on your leadership, management and effective communication skills amongst your peers and teams, and highlights methods for improvement.

How does it work?

Typical Third Eye Coaching takes place over 4 to 6 months with a mixture of work-place observations, perspective feedback and one to one coaching.  Contracting and confidentiality play an important role in this process and time will be spent informing all those involved of expectations and the role they play in supporting the leadership development of the coachee.  The objective of Third Eye Coaching is to improve your leadership capabilities by understanding your intention, impact and intuition.

Programme 4

Walking Coaching

Walking Coaching

Walking has a powerful effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as you re-energise your body and mind by being outside in fresh air, away from work and life distractions, and step-by-step signalling your unconscious mind that you are moving forward.

When we feel stuck or not sure of how to manage a situation the physical act of moving away from the issue or looking at it from a different perspective can often result in a more profound understanding and invariably a solution.  Coaching typically looks at where you are now and where you would like to be, what you’d like to change or how to feel different; with a focus of moving forward and finding a positive solution.

What is it?

Walking Coaching engages your conscious thinking process with your unconscious mind to be more creative, have greater clarity and be more motivated for action as the rhythmical action of walking alters your beta bran waves from task orientated to slower alpha waves that provide deep relaxation to access mental clarity.  It enhances solution focused techniques by actually taking you out of the office, away from the problem and into and the world of possibilities inspired by the world around you.

How does it work?

Typically Walking Coaching takes place over a period of 4 months for a session lasting anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.  No special equipment is needed as walking takes place around scenic routes close to your office or at a mutually agreed designation.

Programme 5

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles

A 6-week programme for peers, teams or managers-in-the-making, who are looking to develop and grow themselves, their team and the business.  This is an opportunity for you to develop your coaching communication and listening skills, problem solving without attachment and deeper understanding of what is being said on an emotional level.

What is it?

An abbreviated version of Action Learning, Kapow's Coaching Circles are commonly used in businesses as a means of sharing business and developmental issues in a safe environment from which a new level of understanding or desire for action occurs. This is an opportunity to practice coaching skills, powers of intuition and effective listening, with an aim to improve your interpersonal skills as an emerging leader and manager. In just 90 minutes indivuals within the group will have the opportunity to reflect, be inspired and inspiring, gain renewed motivation and generate insight and future action for change.

For individuals, it is a chance to experiment with different approaches and to learn from the result.  As a team, it is bonding time and one that allows sharing of information, knowledge and insight in a different environment.

How does it work?

Our Coaching Circles use three styles of Action Learning: traditional, co-consulting and inner reflection.

The 90-minute session would be based on:

1. Check in and catch up
2. Progress updates
3. Individual issue holder
4. CC method of support: traditional coaching questions, co-consulting or inner reflection
5. Action forward and summary
6. Agree next issue holder

Coaching Circle groups will be encouraged to become self-managing after 6 weeks.