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Change can come about from a chance conversation, a book recommendation or an inspirational quote. “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.”  Benjamin Disraeli


New Beginnings – when to end and when to start
Mon 5th December, 2022

New Beginnings – when to end and when to start We all love new things, especially at this time of year when we’re looking to buy or make something personal, special, or just fun for those certain someones in our life.  In this more challenging financial backdrop, many of us are embracing the notion that […]

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Almost here – our first ever Black Friday week of deals!
Wed 23rd November, 2022

We’re excited to be offering you some great discounts on some of our most popular programmes from our Coaching, Leadership and Mental Fitness range. We’ve got something for everyone: face to face sessions in-person training virtual sessions and, self-paced e-learning You can book any of the deals, anytime in the week, but each day we’ll […]

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Black Friday deals – a week of special offers
Thu 17th November, 2022

COMING SOON! Watch this space for our Black Friday deals, starting on Friday 25th November, and running until Friday 2nd December.  We’ll be giving you discounts on some of our most popular programmes from Coaching, to our Leadership training, and not forgetting our resilience training for Mental Fitness. The full list will of our offers will be […]

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Are you feeling all fingers and thumbs?
Thu 10th November, 2022

The magic of metaphors as part of your coaching Do you have days when you just feel as if you got out the wrong side of the bed, and as you get ready to start the day with your favourite mug and preferred beverage, you accidentally drop it – starting the day with the feeling […]

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I tried to poison my husband on Friday
Mon 31st October, 2022

I tried to poison my husband on Friday. Not on purpose, obviously, but accidentally from my forest foraging for mushrooms on my Friday day off.  I was really excited about the natural bounty I’d gathered under the watchful eye of my friend.  However, something went wrong between the picking and the cooking which contributed to […]

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