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Change can come about from a chance conversation, a book recommendation or an inspirational quote. “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.”  Benjamin Disraeli


Who’s feeling the pinch?
Thu 23rd May, 2024

“Are you feeling wealthy Mr Chancellor?” was the question Emma Barnett kept asking Jeremy Hunt on the Radio 4 Today programme, as the topic of inflation was discussed.  Whilst inflation is going down, something that Mr Hunt was keen to press upon, feeling wealthy, or financially confident is something that most people and businesses are […]

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Tue 14th May, 2024

It’s finally arrived…. International Coaching Federation’s Coaching Week and the Mental Health Foundations Mental Health Awareness Week. If you’ve not see the week-long schedule, there is still time to ask for it, follow it on LinkedIn or give us a call. What’s all the fuss we hear you ask.  Well, both weeks are about raising […]

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Mental Health Awareness and ICF Coaching Week
Mon 29th April, 2024

Kapow Coaching are delighted to be taking part in this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week and the International Coaching Federations Coaching Week. It just happens that both weeks are from the 13th to 17th May, so we’ve collated a double dose of free and paid-for sessions around mental well-being and coaching. This year the focus […]

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Changing your Mind on something or someone
Tue 16th April, 2024

Most of us at some time or another have found ourselves repeating a well-rehearsed phrase or opinion, and realising that this time we don’t believe it anymore.  We can’t always pinpoint the exact time when we actually we changed our mind, or even how the transformation occurred, but we can feel the hollowness of the […]

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More Me time
Tue 2nd April, 2024

Something that can get in the way of proper ‘me time’ is taking advantage of healthy ‘switching off’ and ‘recharging your batteries’. Switching off usually involves as little movement or engagement, that sloth like response to doing nothing.  It’s when we simply stop and do nothing, put our feet up, take a nap or become […]

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