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We are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives.  We love being the catalyst for change.  We believe those light-bulb moments of personal discovery and insight are accessible to all.

Kapow Coaching was formed by Kate Flory in 2002 to coach people to ‘step into their inner leader’, to train managers of people and projects to have ‘curious conversations’ at work and to support businesses create a culture where leaders are everywhere by focusing on the 'being' of leadership before the 'doing'.

People often wonder if the name ‘Kapow Coaching’ comes from the world of super-heroes.  In fact it's from the home of sequins and sparkles, a Salsa dance step that is used by your partner after they've done their shine (in other words, showed-off a bit!).  Literally meaning ‘I’m ready’ – Kapow Coaching works with people, teams and organisations who are ‘ready’ to be inspired, grow and develop into who they need to become.


  • are passionate about making a difference to people’s lives
  • love being the catalyst for change
  • believe those light bulb moments of personal and discovery and insight are accessible to all
  • achieve this through our intuitive, supportive and positive coaching and through our creative training programmes. 

Kapow Coaching works collaboratively with associates to provide a depth of knowledge, skills and support to ensure that the needs of the individual, team or organisation are fully met.  Get in touch for one of our brochures or to arrange a chat about how we can support you both in person and virtually.



Silver Lining

Belief that there is always something better ahead, a hope for a positive outcome, a symbol of resilience and perseverance.


Being inspired to learn and grow, and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. A connection of like-minded souls.


Self discovery and a passion to learn, grow and be inspired. Deep listening and a desire to know someone's personal story.