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How we make a difference is through our intuitive, supportive and positive coaching for individuals and groups and our creative training programmes that reach the hearts-and-minds of the whole business.

Kate and Kapow Coaching's Team

I’m Kate Flory, founder of Kapow Coaching.  Kapow Coaching was set up in 2002 primarily to deliver Co-Active Coaching and various coaching and leadership training, either solo or alongside other hand-picked specialist trainers. Kapow Coaching’s professionals also share a passion for coaching, developing, and inspiring others. Our joint expertise and training lie in areas of Co-Active Coaching, PQ Coaching, NLP, leadership, team dynamics, business management theory, positive coaching psychology along with other psychometric profiling tools.  

Since starting,  we’ve matured into an organisation that offers inner development via Coaching, Leadership and Mental Fitness. We believe our coaching, training, and creative consultancy solutions have an immediate and positive impact on individuals, teams, the organisations as well as the wider community. 

Let me tell you how Kapow Coaching came about

My passion and interest in personal development and self-coaching started in my early 20’s – getting me out of some tricky situations from failed relationships, family disputes as well as illness.  At a time when I felt I had nothing and no-one, I quickly realised I had myself, and that was enough.  Teaching me early on that there’s always a solution – you just have to ask the right question and be willing to listen to the answer, whether you like it or not!  I learned that you can do it on your own, but with a coach, you can get there faster, more lightly, and far deeper than you ever expected.

Difficulties in my life have taught me resilience, the power of inner belief, self-motivation, getting to really know myself, never giving up, and the power of choice.  This is probably why Silver Lining, Inspiration, and Curiosity are still my guiding business and personal values.

I’m passionate about the impact coaching and coaching-based conversations have on people’s lives and souls.  As a coach, I believe that everyone should experience coaching. I know that managers of people and projects can become curious and begin to have coach-based conversations at work to engage, motivate and provide a safe space for others to be themselves.  For me, leadership starts with self, the Inner Leader, and that everyone is a leader, they just need to recognise their leadership positions at work and at home.  Having a positive mental mindset is key to not only happiness and wellbeing, but also productivity and building better and healthier relationships.

Now, let’s meet some of our team....

Kate Flory

Confidence Coach & Trainer

KATE FLORY - Confidence Coach

Kate is an experienced Confidence and Mental Fitness Coach, Leadership and Coaching Skills trainer, facilitator and NLP Practitioner, specialising in inspirational head-and-heart coaching and creating powerful, experientially based coaching training programmes.

I love coaching senior business leaders to build their confidence and wellbeing, and who are looking to connect with their inner leader, by tapping into the passion for supporting and developing their team, regaining their confidence and sense of direction, and getting ready for the next chapter of their career.  I am passionate about creating a coaching culture by training managers to have coach-like conversations and supporting teams to work more collaboratively and focussed, within a more transparent, healthy and supportive environment.

I am passionate about bringing leadership from the ground up into an organisation, as I inspire people to step into their 5 leadership positions of Inner and Sensing Leader, Leader Behind, Beside and In Front, by giving them the confidence to step up to role of leader and step back from always leading.  I have a knack for creating engaging, participative and practical training programmes.

I am driven to build personal and corporate Mental Fitness by moving people from a negative to a positive mindset and helping them to build up personal resilience and wellbeing, using simple and practical PQ tools.


  • Positive Intelligence Certified Mental Fitness Coach (CPQC)
  • ICF Accredited coach PCC
  • Action Learning Facilitator Training
  • Intent-Based Leadership Pioneer training (IBL)
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) with the Co-Active Training Institute
  • Mindfulness at Work practitioner
  • Investors in People training
  • MIT: u.lab - Leading from the emerging future
  • EQ-i Certification practitioner
  • Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner 
  • Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Mindfields College (Human Givens Institute)


  • Encouraging
  • Compassionate
  • Motivational

Gwynneth Rees Kenny

Coach & Trainer


Gwynneth is an experienced Executive Coach and OD/ L&D Consultant specialising in coaching supervision and
leadership  development.

My earliest encounter with coaching was a career-changing experience for me when I discovered that just by making small changes to my behaviour – how I was ‘being’ – I could create a very different, positive and beneficial impact for the myself and those around me. A few years later I was leading coaching training sessions with first line managers in a large FTSE financial services company. Watching people try out their own newly acquired coaching skills and reporting back on the changes it had brought about with their team members made me realise that I wanted to do more of this rich work which would help people develop more effective and productive relationships at work.

Rathy Thiruchelvam

Coach & Trainer


Rathy is an experienced Executive Coach, trainer and facilitator, specialising in coaching managers at all levels with difficult people issues

I'm an expert at making the hard seem easier. I do this through an innate understanding of what is playing out for my clients.  I am quick to notice patterns, observe subtle verbal and physical cues and be tuned into what is and isn’t being said. I have a unique ability to present this information back to my clients in a clear, and powerful way. These moments foster and harness my client’s confidence in themselves and help them see their potential now and the potential they’re yet to fulfil.  For me, leadership is about personal mastery. Showing up every day with the intention of being at your best so you can do your best.

Chrys Jerrett

Chrys Jerrett

Transformational Coach & Trainer

CHRYS JERRETT - Transformational Coach

Chrys is an experienced Transformational Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Consultant, and TEDx Motivational Speaker with 40 years of international corporate management, strategic consulting, and people development experience with multinational companies and multi-cultural teams throughout the world.

My focus is on optimizing performance, productivity, and innovation potential and creating a growth culture so that the individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole can realize their full potential. I work with my experienced and emerging leaders to help them realize their potential both professionally and personally, developing leadership and other professional skills to help them to reach their career goals and to make the choices that work to create and maintain a healthy, happy and satisfying life.

My approach draws from my corporate background, my coaching training as well as my interests in neuroscience and somatics/embodiment. Each person faces unique challenges. My role as a coach is to help them find their own solutions. To do this I use a range of tools such as brainstorming, inquiries, assessments, visualization, role-playing, and embodiment to tap into my client’s creativity and experience, empowering them to grow, develop, leverage their strengths, and move forward with their challenges.


  • ICF Accredited coach PCC  
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) with the Co-Active Training Institut
  • Organizational and Relationship System Coaching (ORSC) with CRR Global
  • Brené Brown Dare to Lead Trained
  • Embodiment Unlimited’s Embodied Facilitator Course: Certified Embodied Facilitator
  • Time to Think: Thinking Partner Graduate
  • Harvard: Foundations of Neuroscience
  • Berkeley, Greater Good Science Center (GGSC): Science of Happiness
  • MIT: u.lab - Leading from the emerging future
  • Public Speaking certifications: ATCL, ASB
  • Project Management: Scrum Master Certification, Prince2 Practitioner 



Gordon Laird

Gordon Laird

Psychotherapist & Trainer

GORDON LAIRD - Psychotherapist

Gordon is an experienced corporate coach, facilitator, consultant, and registered psychotherapist with a strong background in leadership and team effectiveness, organisational change and development.


Our Skills - Our Core Skills are Personal and Executive Coaching for individuals and teams, Coaching Supervision, Team Coaching, Leadership Training on The Being and Doing of Leadership, and leadership support and Coaching Training through Curious Conversations for managers and Counselling Support.


Whether you call it business, executive, leadership or simply coaching - our qualified coaches help to facilitate changes in behaviour, attitude and thinking for groups and individuals. Believing that positive transformation can come from alternative thinking as well as active action.


The Being & Doing of Leadership recognises the 5 positions of leadership that anyone at any level has access to – and how everyone in an organisation can realise their full leadership potential. The Being & Doing of Leadership encourages more confident, decisive and focused people, helping create more engaged and profitable teams.

Mental Fitness

Building our Mental Fitness for improved resilience and wellbeing is key for improved relationships, greater work effectiveness and overall happiness. We can learn how to move from a negative to a positive mindset in a matter of minutes.