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How we make a difference is through our intuitive, supportive and positive coaching for individuals and groups and our creative training programmes that reach the hearts-and-minds of the whole business.

Kate and Kapow Coaching's Team

I’m Kate Flory, I’m an inspirational leadership coach and trainer.  I help people to step into their inner leader to become who they really are.

My passion and interest in personal development and self-coaching started in my early 20’s – getting me out of some tricky situations from failed relationships, family disputes and illness.  At a time when I felt I had nothing and no-one I quickly realised I had myself, and that was enough.  Teaching me early on that there’s always a solution – you just have to ask the right question and be willing to listen to the answer, whether you like it or not.  I learnt that you can do it on your own, but with a coach, you can get there faster, more lightly and far deeper than you ever expected.

Difficulties have taught me resilience, power of inner belief, self-motivation, knowing yourself, never giving up, and the power of choice.  Which is why silver lining remains as one of my core business values.

I’m passionate about the impact coaching and coaching-based conversations have on people’s lives and souls.  As a coach I believe that everyone should experience coaching and that people and project managers can become curious and begin to have coach-based conversations at work to engage, motivate and provide a safe space for others to be themselves.

Since 2002 I’ve teamed up with other like-minded people who share a passion for coaching, developing and inspiring others. Our joint expertise lies in areas of Co-Active Coaching, NLP, CBT, leadership, diversity and inclusion, business management theory, positive coaching psychology along with psychometric profiling.  

We believe our coaching, training and creative consultancy solutions have an immediate and positive impact on individuals, teams, the organisations as well as to the wider community. 

Meet some of our team....

Kate Flory

Coach & Trainer


Kate is an experienced Leadership Coach and NLP Practitioner specialising in inspirational head-and-heart coaching and creating powerful, experientially based coaching training programmes.

Why I got into coaching came about after a decade of reading as many personal development books in order to get my chaotic life back on track.  I learnt in my 20’s that you are responsible for your own change and that anything is possible.  I hold this true for my coaching and workshop clients today.  Through inspirational training material, book or web recommendations and positive psychology coaching techniques, my heartfelt objective is to inspire the necessary change in them to make a lasting difference.

Gwynneth Rees Kenny

Gwynneth Rees Kenny

Coach & Trainer


Gwynneth is an experienced Executive Coach and OD/ L&D Consultant specialising in coaching supervision and
leadership  development.

My earliest encounter with coaching was a career-changing experience for me when I discovered that just by making small changes to my behaviour – how I was ‘being’ – I could create a very different, positive and beneficial impact for the myself and those around me. A few years later I was leading coaching training sessions with first line managers in a large FTSE financial services company. Watching people try out their own newly acquired coaching skills and reporting back on the changes it had brought about with their team members made me realise that I wanted to do more of this rich work which would help people develop more effective and productive relationships at work.

Di Airey

Diversity & Inclusion Trainer

Di Airey is a diversity and inclusion specialist with an extensive background in HR and people development and an impressive track record of delivering impactful training events across all industry sectors. 

My whole career has been dedicated to helping people achieve their potential.  I am passionate about people having a fair chance in life and my work is all about removing the barriers that prevent this, whether that is our personal limiting beliefs;, other people’s stereotyping or unconscious bias; or systemic prejudice at the level of the organisation.    I am a natural change agent with a pragmatic, down to earth style grounded in the psychological study of people’s behaviour.   I draw on NLP, and coaching skills as part of my workshop facilitation and I am particularly known for taking learning about diversity to a deep level beyond the legislative imperative. 


Kate Carmichael



Kate is an experienced Strategic HR Consultant with 20 years experience working in a variety of private and third sector industries, focusing on designing, developing and delivering HR and Ogranisational Development solutions.

I have a real thirst for knowledge and am curious by nature.  I like that my role allows me to use those strengths to help organisations.  That help comes whether they've either hit a roadblock or are seeking new ideas and good practice that will help them continue to flourish.  My diverse background is grounded in the practical and my support and recommendations all rely on my first getting a basic commercial understanding of the business and its imperatives.​ I'm constantly learning but love knowing that I've truly helped an organisation and its people.

Our Skills - Our Core Skills are Coaching, Training and Creative Consultancy


Whether you call it business, executive, leadership or simply coaching - our qualified coaches help to facilitate changes in behaviour, attitude and thinking for groups and individuals. Believing that positive transformation can come from alternative thinking as well as active action.


Our professional trainers come from a strong business and theatre background which complement many of Kapow Coaching’s workshops: providing the ‘mind’ in our hearts-and-mind approach to our leadership training or the ‘body’ to our body-and-mind methods for customer care courses.

Creative Consultancy

We excel at listening deeply to our client's need and then coming up with an intuitive solution. This may include - writing internal training documents, creating an alternative team / motivational event with magicians, or combing coaching based training with other disciplines.