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Mental Fitness

Building our physical fitness is something that is familiar to most people. However, it’s only recently that building our Mental Fitness and taking time to ensure that we are resilient, happy, stress free and working to our best mental abilities have become a shared focus.

Our approach to Mental Fitness follows much of the work of Positive Intelligence, along with positive coaching psychology, NLP and personal development.  We offer a range of Mental Fitness programmes from 15 minutes to 15 months.

Attendees from our Mental Fitness HITT sessions found them to be: "relaxing, motivating, refectlive, grounding, practical, soohting, calming and focused."

(Mental Fitness HIIT session)

“It's a game-changer. It's a development programme based on neuroscientific research so the content is evidence based, highly practical and interactive. If you're willing to go all in, you will gain valuable insight into your happiness and performance and learn practical life-long strategies that will bolster your resilience and your capabilities.” 
HR Director

(Positive Intelligence)

“The ability to have been able to gain an understanding of so many coping strategies when facing differing challenges. An understanding that allowed me to face challenges I have faced for such a long time in my life.” Managing Director

(Positive Intelligence)

“I think when we looked back at our younger self, made me think more about what I wanted out of life had helped reduce my saboteurs as it showed me how grown-up life had changed some of my priorities to values that were not really me. I am working an what I really want from work/life balance the moment.”  Hospitality Lecturer

(Positive Intelligence)

“Remembering who I am and having the confidence and self belief to activate her.” Chief Operating Officer

(Positive Intelligence)
Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness HIIT

Mental Fitness HIIT session
15 minutes of practical Mental Fitness

Build up your team’s, departments or organisations’ wellbeing and resilience in just 15 minutes using one or all of these ways to practical and positive Mental Fitness, through our HIIT sessions.

What is it?

Just like doing regular physical exercise is important for your wellbeing, so is mental fitness.  In our High Intensity Impact Training (or Mental Fitness HIIT for short), in just 15 minutes we introduce your staff to a 5-minute mindfulness practice, which we call PQ reps (PQ standing for Positive Intelligence), a silent reflection and ending with a 1-minute PQ rep.

We have:

  1. Blocks of 6 drop in 15-minute HIIT sessions for free to anyone to attend on a Monday at 7 am.  Visit our resources page for the latest session dates
  2. We can offer you 3 (morning, noon or night) or 5 daily pre-recorded Mental Fitness HIIT sessions that can be tailored to your internal Wellbeing programme.  These are yours to then use for further wellbeing offerings.  Ask us for more details.
  3. Newly created is our online Mental Fitness HIIT 5 day sessions that include the familiar PQs and reflections along with additional supportive material to expand your mental fitness practice.  Try our free demo first before you sign up.

These 15 minute sessions will introduce your staff to different ways that they can quieten their mind, move them from a negative to a neutral and onto a positive mindset, and giving them a chance to experiment with different mindfulness techniques.  Unlike mindfulness practice, PQs embrace the noise and daily routine of life.

The reflections will give them a chance to ponder and practice building their Mental Muscles by exploring how to control their Saboteurs (your inner critics) or how to develop their Sage (your inner coach).

             Build up your Mental Muscles in just 15 minutes!

Feeling curious?

Take a listen to a sample of one of our pre-recorded sessions.  Or come along and experience it first-hand on one of our free 6 week early Monday morning sessions.  Contact us for your free Zoom link or why not pick up the phone and call Kate on 07906 704 769 and ask us about recording your own Mental Fitness HIIT sessions.

Wondering why we call it PQ reps and not mindfulness practice? There are a few reasons:

  1. Some people associate doing mindfulness with needing to find a quiet, comfortable space and believe it will take them 20, 30 or even 60 minutes to achieve that state of calm.  Whereas once you know how, you can invoke calm within 10 seconds doing a PQ rep.
  2. Some people believe that doing mindfulness practice has to take place in a quiet location.  Yet some of our favourite PQ reps take place at work and the busier the better
  3. Mindfulness can be linked to other spiritual practices, which can be off putting.  We call them PQ reps as we help you build your Mental Muscles and improve your Positive Intelligence, all of which have been founded on decades of research.

Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence 8-week Programme
Group and individual personal and professional development

Learning how by improving your mental fitness can have a profoundly lasting change in feeling happier, having better working relationships, and being more effective at work; is what the Positive Intelligence programme is all about.  This 8-week boot camp is really the start of your ongoing Mental Fitness journey as you:

  • Understand the impact of what a negative mindset has on your relationships and work effectiveness.
  • Identify and understand how your Saboteurs (inner critics) show up and the damaging lies they tell you.
  • Develop a daily PQ (mindfulness) practice that supports you moving from a negative to a positive mindset.
  • Rediscover your inner coach wisdom from your Sage powers and positive perspectives.

On average PQ Pod attendees have improved performance by 31%, are three times ore creative, improve their skills in decision making by 19% and are happier.


What is unique about this programme

As a Positive Intelligence certified coach, working with Shirzad Chamine and the Positive Intelligence team, Kate can offer this world-renowned Mental Fitness programme directly to individuals, teams and organisations.  The work is a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology and performance science – and uniquely delivered on your phone via a PQ App and supported with weekly PQ Pod Coaching sessions.

   Weekly focus of the day 

   PQ Gym - giving your different ways to bring mindfulness into your work and personal life.

Who is it for?

We are currently running PQ Pods for:

CEO / Directors– creating a safe space for senior leaders to explore their inner critical thinking and to better understand their personal drivers for their decision making, relationships, behavioural thinking and actions; all before incorporating into their organisations.  This is further supported by six bi-monthly PQ Action Learning Sets.

Open to all – bringing together like-minded people across the country and world to collectively explore and share their learning as they work through the 8-week Positive Intelligence programme.

Internal Teams – creating a common language within an organisation as teams consider how their induvial Saboteurs (inner critics) play against their teammates, and the impact that has on relationships and work effectiveness.

Download the breakdown of our full Positive Intelligence programme here, or why not call us to fill in a few more gaps to find out how the PQ Pods work and what it would be like for you or your team.

PQ Webinars & Workshops

Mental Fitness Webinars & Workshops
Building your teams' positive mental muscles

Learn how by improving your mental fitness can have a profoundly lasting change in being more effective at work, having better working relationships and feeling happier. Discover that by building and strengthening your three core mental muscles will make it possible for sustainable positive change.

It’s all about fitness of the mind. You can go from feeling under pressure and anxious or no-sense of direction to finding more ease-and-flow as well as a clearer purpose and focus.

Whilst webinars are typically one directional, theses session will invite attendees to share their thoughts in the ‘chat’ area of Zoom or Teams to make this not just an informative but also an interactive session.  Currently our workshops are being held online, though we hope this will change very soon.

Here are some of our current PQ offerings:

  1. Our One-hour Mental Fitness Webinar will give your organisation a starting point onto understanding how their negative mindset can have both a physical and mental impact on their personal wellbeing.  They will learn what are the three core mental muscles needed to move from that negative to positive mindset, showing them some practical tools.
  2. In the Half-day Saboteur Awareness Workshop, we take a deeper dive into the impact that Saboteurs have on how we operate at work, the lies they tell us which impacts on how we create relationships, work effectively and manage our levels of stress, as well as wellbeing and happiness.  Your teams will be introduced to the science of Mental Fitness, some of the tools that can be used anywhere and anytime and discover how to disarm their own Saboteurs (inner critics).
  3. Our Stress busting Workshop again combines the understanding of our survival vs success brain and how we are in control of how we respond to others and our situation – either negatively or positively.  After focusing on the impact of stress we will be spending the majority of the time in discovering practical and personal methods for dealing with stress.


Helping you to understand how to tame your survial brain in order to think, feel and act from your success brain.

Not sure if these quite fit the bill? Get in touch as we have more ideas than time and we’ll be happy to create a Mental Fitness workshop or webinar that fits your current wellbeing or resilient needs.