Here is our ABC’s to become a good leader.

A = AUTHENTIC speak, act and say what you mean and consistently

B = BRAVE leadership is not just showing and sharing your strengths but also your human, vulnerable side

C = CHAMPIONING others by demonstrating that you believe in them 100%, even when they don’t

D = DEPENDABLE by following through what you’ll say you will do, or explain why not

E = EMPATHETIC to those around you by seeing the situation through their eyes

F = FORGIVING of yourself and others

G = GROWTH MINDSET with a can-do attitude with a willingness to fail

H = HUMBLE leaders take the back seat and allow others to show up and shine

I = INTUITIVE by listening and acting upon your gut instinct

J = JOYFUL isn’t about becoming a Santa figure, but by finding joy and pleasure in what you do

K = KNOWLEDGEABLE but not being the ‘know all’ and ‘tell all’ type of leader

L = LOVE yourself unconditionally (the good and bad bits of who you are)

M = MOTIVATING others to learn and grow

N = NURTURING talent, dreams and health and well being of your people

O = OPTIMISTIC is a positive emotional trait that leaders should have based on the 3Ps – permanence, pervasiveness and personalisation

P = PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE is key to success as most things in life that we value are not gained straight away

Q = QUESTIONING help us stay curious and quieten down our self-limiting beliefs

R = RISK TAKING and willingness to make mistakes supports innovation

S = SHARED successes helps to create trust

T = a TRUST culture, by creating a psychologically safe environment

U = UNDERSTANDING of who we are and who we need to be is a life-long quest

V = VULNERABLE at work by showing you are human

W = WEIGH UP head, heart and gut for effective decision making

X = eXCITED to learn, grow and share

Y = YES AND, approach to saying no and adopting the language of leadership

Z = ZEAL for the company and wider community and passionately demonstrating it

If you’d like support on working on your leadership ABC, ask us about one to one coaching or one of our leadership programmes.