We all have moments in our lives when we simply don’t feel that we are being truly ourselves and invariably are convinced that someone will find out.  The traits of feeling like an imposter.  Depending on where you look, the statistics for how many people feel like and imposter at some point in their life can range from 70% to 90% – but on average, 85% of people feel that they lack a certain ability, are not good enough, aren’t suitable for their role or feel out of their depth at some point in their career.

Whilst this is split evenly between both men and women, we know that 75% of executive women report to have suffered from Imposter Syndrome and at least 80% of CEOs (both men and women) feel out of their depth.

Some famous faces who have publicly shared their lack of self-esteem and confidence in their ability have been Michelle Obama, Robert Pattison, Serina Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, Tom Hanks, and Lady Gaga.

So let’s take a look at the 5 Traits of Imposter Syndrome.

1. The Perfectionist – gives 110% to every task, standards must be met.
You may be The Perfectionist if you:
a. Hold self to very high standards
b. You’ll focus on what you didn’t rather than celebrating what you did do
c. Never settle for anything less than gold

2. The Natural Genius – think should always be smart, fast learner or have to excel at everything. High Achievers.
You may be The Natural Genius if you:
a. Believe are born talented or skilled
b. Get frustrated easily so may be Restless
c. See others achieving and see themselves as failing

3. The Expert – strives for more knowledge, experience and awards. They strive to also be perfect.
You may be The Expert if you:
a. Tend to over prepare, or prepare fully
b. Avoid opportunities as you don’t fit all the qualifications
c. Believe there is always more you should be learning

4. The Individualist / Solo – believes they have to do it all themselves, don’t ask for help as that is a sign of weakness.
You may be The Individualist / Solo if you:
a. Prefer solo projects vs group tasks
b. Don’t ask for help even if you need it
c. Feel like you need more time to prep

5. The Superhuman – loves to take on more responsibility. Can’t say no, juggles tasks.
You may be The Superhuman if you:
a. Multitask and always juggle work and home
b. Work overtime
c. Choose work over time with friends, family or hobbies

You may find you fall into one of more traits, but don’t worry, as with most coaching processes the first step is noticing.  If you’d like to explore how your Imposter is ruling you, then get in touch and book one of free coaching sample slots.