Last year I gave an interview to Go Solo on what inspired me and keeps inspiring me to work for myself.

Like any solo-entrepreneur, there have been highs and lows – yet after 21 years I still love what I do. In this short online article, I share something about your personal story, what my biggest accomplishment as a business owner is, what the hardest things are and what are my top tips to anyone looking to start, run and grow their business today.

Read the full article here.

Interested in my top tips as a budding 2023 entrepreneurs, well here they are:

1. Plan your day, week, quarter, and year – even if its a simple as having a focus or intention for what you want to achieve. You need something to aim for, or you’ll end up going around in circles.

2. Remind yourself what you love about your job, what you’re amazing at, and what gets you out of bed in the morning. When we feel low, and there will be days like this, reconnecting with your true purpose and calling will help keep you motivated.

3.When it comes to growing your business, there is an element of giving something a go and learning from the experience. A few years ago, I learnt a design concept of prototyping – trying something out that is only 80% ready for market or 80% suitable for a target audience. The other 20% is welcoming feedback and considering what you’d do differently before putting it out as a pilot. This concept helps keep your perfectionist at bay and invites deep learning and insight.

And finally – good luck! Make each day fun and fulfilling.