As a member of the ICF I’m delighted that this year to be offering not just one, but three coaching experiences:

Support Coaching (£5 charity donation)
Walking Coaching (50% off)
Third Eye Coaching (50% off)

Support Coaching
Set aside an hour for a mini coaching Health Check to reflect on where you are and where you would like to be.  Or use the time to discover the values that drive you or what’s getting in the way of your aspirations.  The hour is yours to try coaching for the first time or to get a reminder of how it can support your aspirations and personal development.
ICF offer = 1-hour Skype Call, cost £5 donated to Crohn’s & Colitis UK

Walking Coaching
Walking has a powerful effect on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as you re-energise your body and mind by being outside in fresh air, away from work and life distractions, and step-by-step signalling your unconscious mind that you are moving forward.

Experience the difference of Walking Coaching and the link to greater clarity, creativity as well as problem solving.
ICF offer = 2-hour Walking Coaching Edinburgh and the Lothians at £150 or 1 hour at £75
(other geographically areas will be costed separately)

Third Eye Coaching
Concentrating on what you are communicating (intention), how it is received (impact) and the global insight of what could be improved within the working relationship (intuition), this process enables you to focus on leadership, management and coaching development which is situational to you and your team.

Third Eye focuses on your management and leadership skills using the 3 I’s of Intention, Impact and Intuition through work-place observation, perspective feedback and leadership coaching.
ICF offer = half day of Third Eye Coaching at £500

To book your slot during the ICF Coaching Week or the month of May, contact Kate Flory direct on:07906 704 769 or email