The tide is slowly turning around to the notion that leadership is something that everyone has the capacity and skill set to do.  They might not have the language of leadership or some of many great tools and practical models that support leaders to think strategically, support operationally and inspire at every level; but many do show up as the best version of themselves day in and day out.

Decades of personal development has taught me fundamentally that until you can look at your own refection and like what you see, they you can’t expect others to like, respect or trust you back.  As parents, colleagues and leaders we’ve probably all experienced someone who isn’t quite what they seem, never really being their true self, and leaving us feeling a bit unsure of them.

Stepping into your Inner Leader is one of the invisible leadership skills that often gets overlooked.  Traditional leadership focuses on how to operate and rarely how to ‘be’ – in other words considering your ‘identity’ and ‘self worth’. Consider for a moment a leader who not only lives the company values but is also clear and connected with their own personal values, their moral code and motivation that enables them to be the best version of themselves.  What if they were aware of not only their learning style but also how they communicate with impact and were willing to acknowledge their blind spots; how different would those conversations be?  For me, great and inspiring leadership starts with a willingness and the courage to start with self.

We all know the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ but an annotation to this should read ‘but not for those around you’.  Stepping into your Inner Leader requires ACA – Awareness, Choices and Action.  An ‘awareness’ of what really makes you tick and also what pushes your buttons as well as how you impact those around you.  With this inner knowledge we are able to look for ‘choices’, something that suits us and our mode of operandi, as we know the right solutions comes from within.  Once we have choices in front of us, we still need to make a commitment to take ‘action’ and do or think something different.

As a coach I get excited to help people step into the Inner Leader and explore not only who they really are but who they are becoming.  Which probably follows why I believe the importance of any leadership model has to start with self – the Inner Leader.

If you’re curious to explore your Inner Leader, then I’d love to hear.  And if you’ve not already asked us, why not request a copy of our Free Inner Leader workbook and explore the process of Being the Best Version of You.

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