The ABC’s of Mental Fitness

It’s good to go back to basics now and again.  Take a look at our ABC list of Mental Fitness and see what you can learn to do differently or do again, this month.

A = ACCEPTANCE of the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in reduces the internal struggle

B = BREATHING more slowly, more deeply, listening to the sound of our breath helps us to become present

C = COUNTING our breath, the dripping sound of rain, or from 1 to 10 provides a focus for our busy brain

D = DOODLE your negative mood or thoughts in one colour and then choose a calming colour to doodle your positive thoughts

E = EXERCISING for 30 minutes three times a week has proven to reduce depression

F = FORGIVING of yourself and others with compassion and acceptance reduces the chatter of our inner Judge

G = Look for the GIFT from a difficult situation or circumstance

H = HAPPY hormone serotonin can be released by thinking about special people, places, pets and peak moments in our lives

I = I AM a perfectly, imperfect person

J = JOURNEY well as we know life is all about the journey and the not the arrival

K = Loving KINDNESS always starts with you, before others and situations

L = LOVE yourself unconditionally by remembering who you were as an innocently perfect child

M = MINDSETS can be moved from negative to positive in just 30 seconds (with practice)

N = NOTICE what situations or people invoke your negative inner chatter or feelings of stress, anxiety, hurt etc.

O = Do ONE thing slowly, mindfully eat your lunch or drink your tea by noticing every taste, sound and texture

P = PRESENT is training our mind away from thinking about the past or the future, which we do 47% of the time, to being present in the moment

Q = QUIETEN down your inner critics (Saboteurs) by noticing and naming them, before choosing a more positive mindset

R = RELAXATION allows our body and mind to recuperate from daily stress.  Build in moments during the day

S = SLEEP provides the body and the mind to refuel, with the ideal amount of 8 hours a night.

T = Make TIME, even just 30 seconds many times a day, for mindfulness

U = UNDERSTAND that we all have inner critics (Saboteurs) that create stress and an inner coach (Sages) that creates calm, compassion and choices

V = VIEW an object as if for the first time, and really notice all its colour, shape, patterns and imperfections

W = WAKE UP and think of 3 things you are grateful for, 2 things that worry you and 1 task you want to complete today

X = eXPRESS gratitude to those people around you

Y = YOU are in control of your mind and mood, you can always choose another, more positive perspective

Z = get into the ZONE by finding a task to fully absorb your time and attention

If you are looking for some additional support, then why not ask us for a free sample coaching session and let us help you get back to your mental fitness basics.