A = AWARENESS of what you say and do.  Notice, choose and make the necessary changes

B = BELIEF in yourself and stop your limiting ‘self-beliefs’

C = CONFIDENCE building by finding small wins to prove to yourself that ‘you can do it!’

D = DETERMINATION to try and apply what you’ve learnt and being prepared to do it all over again

E = ENDORPHINS give you positive inner calm. Take time to think of people, places and pets that give you an inner smile

F = FORGIVE yourself and others

G = GROWTH MINDSET with a can-do attitude

H = HEALTH of your body, mind and soul

I = INSPIRATION can be found and given, you just have to look

J = JOURNAL your thoughts daily

K = KINDNESS to yourself and others

L = LOVE yourself unconditionally

M = MAKE MISTAKES to learn and grow

N = NEVER SAY NEVER, try saying ‘not yet’ instead

O = OPEN MINDED to new experiences helps to open up your heart and soul

P = PATIENCE is key to success as most things in life that we value are not gained straight away

Q = QUESTIONS help us stay curious and quieten down our self-limiting beliefs

R = RESILIENCE practice, by focusing on what has worked and is working rather than what has failed

S = SOUL searching – what makes your soul (heart) sing?

T = TREAT YOURSELF as you know you are worth it”

U = UNDERSTANDING of who we are and who we need to be is a life-long quest

V = VULNERABILITY is a sign of strength and not weakness

W = WHAT, WHEN and how questions are key to creating strong commitments

X = eXCITED to learn, grow and share


Z = ZEST for life, living and loving