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The Being and Doing of Leadership.

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Emerging Leaders The Being and Doing of Leadership is 5.5 days of personal and professional leadership development, looking at the invisible and visible leadership strengths, tools and techniques plus 4 lunchtime Coaching Circles to embed the learning.

Our why – we’ve worked with leaders for decades and believe that the starting place for great leadership is with yourself.  Self-awareness and a clear identity and intention are the starting point.  After that understanding how to listen to your intuition, move around the positions of leading from Behind, Beside and Front are essential for today’s agile working.

How we do it – we use a mixture of reflective practice, fun and practical group exercises along with shared wisdom to make this a journey of both personal and professional development.

Venue: Apex City Hotel
Dates: 4/2, 28/2, 27/3, 25/4, 22/5 13/6
EB offer: £850 per person (vs £1100)

Early bird PILOT offer: 7 Dec – 7th Jan

Call: 07906 704 769
Twitter: coachingkate