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Change can come about from a chance conversation, a book recommendation or an inspirational quote. “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.”  Benjamin Disraeli


Meet the Elite – PBN Podcast
Wed 22nd March, 2023

Kate rejoins Jill Nicolini on the virtual pod-couch as this week she share with her what it’s like being at the Confidence Crossroads. In this 30 minute podcast, Kate shares the importance of stretch to build your confidence, and what happens when we stretch too far and move into the risk zone. Listen and hear […]

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Meet the Elite – Listen again
Mon 13th March, 2023

If you missed Kate Flory’s interview with Jill Nicolini last week – don’t worry. Listen again as Kate chats with Jill about what got her into coaching, being a Co-Active Training Institute coach, what Confidence and Mental Fitness Coach is all about, what is a PQ and Positive Intelligence, and how people are managing stress after the […]

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A question from Oprah
Fri 3rd March, 2023

I had a dream that Oprah Winfrey called me on a live podcast to ask me whether values are linked to our childhood.  What a great question from that wonderful TV personal development legend (though I wouldn’t expect anything less from Orpah!)  And the short answer is yes – and – they don’t have to […]

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Why hire a Coach in 2023?
Sun 19th February, 2023

Last month I shared with you my 5 top criteria for choosing the right coach. There is never the best time, only the right time to choose a coach.  In this short info-graphic, I’m sharing with you the latest statistics on the positive impact that coaching has on individuals, teams, and the wider organisation. To […]

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The tricky art of Choosing your Coach
Mon 30th January, 2023

So you’ve been thinking about finding a coach?  Chances are you’re feeling stuck, a bit wobbly in your confidence, have some possible life-changing or big decisions to make, or you’re looking for someone who will get you and your passionate goals.  Whatever your motive, recognising that the time is right to have that critical ally […]

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