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Change can come about from a chance conversation, a book recommendation or an inspirational quote. “Nurture your mind with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.”  Benjamin Disraeli


Summer Holiday – balancing act
Thu 29th June, 2023

This is day 1 of the school holidays in our household. As a business owner and parent, this time of year can often feel stressful, frustrating, conflicting, flexible, guilt-ridden and fun! As my kids are now 15 and 13 you’d think that I’d have these 6 weeks nailed. But I haven’t. Each year poses new […]

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Me and Elvis
Wed 7th June, 2023

What are you known for? For those of you familiar with the northeast of Scotland you may well have heard of these two Scottish icons – The Spotty Bag Shop and Banff’s very own Elvis impersonator.  Over the Easter holidays, I was doubly blessed to have my photo taken with Gary (aka Elvis) in the […]

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ICF International Coaching Week – developing your coach-like leadership
Wed 3rd May, 2023

Kapow Coaching along with fellow Co-Active Coaches, is delighted to once again take part in the ICF Coaching Week.  From Monday 8th May to Friday 12th May, four of the UK’s top Co-Active Coaches will be sharing with you a calendar of events that include: 30 minute coaching sessions self coaching tools masterclasses in asking […]

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Five Types of Imposter
Thu 13th April, 2023

We all have moments in our lives when we simply don’t feel that we are being truly ourselves and invariably are convinced that someone will find out.  The traits of feeling like an imposter.  Depending on where you look, the statistics for how many people feel like and imposter at some point in their life […]

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Mon 3rd April, 2023

Understanding what is Imposter Syndrome was the topic of this live session between Kate Flory and Jill Nicolini on the PBN Meet the Elite Podcast. In this live session, Kate shared the Six different types of Imposter Syndrome and what the 3 Step Plan is to help eradicate the noise they play in our minds, […]